A program to Bridge the gap between

who you are and who you can be

Build A Blueprint For The Limitless Life That You Want
Tap Into The Genius Of Your Subconscious Mind

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Creating awareness for better living

Have you ever wondered ...

Why am I unable to live the life of my dreams?

What is stopping me from living out my true potential?

How do I go about making my life a success?

I try and work hard but i never seem to get anywhere?

I can not break free from my current life to actually live the life i want, it feels impossible

About how wonderful things might be if only your luck changed? If only by waiting and not changing anything, fate will somehow give you a generous portion of money, position, power, freedom, love and the time to enjoy it all.

If any of the above resonate with you as they do today with so many people, this program is the starting point towards building the life you deserve, by unlocking the limitless power that you have, by tapping into the infinite genius of your own subconscious mind, the part of your mind you have spent a lifetime ignoring.

It will be the bridge that fills the void between who you are and who you can be!



Why life isn't working for you

The presence of each us is a miracle, the fact that we are here and looking to build our lives in itself makes us unique and special. Yet the vast majority of us have absolutely no idea how to begin and build the lives that we want, the lives that we can actually have. In essence we do not have the Why, What and the How of making our dreams come true.

We undoubtedly have the skills, intelligence, talents and education we need to create a magnificent life for ourselves, yet success in all facets of our lives tends to elude us. The simple reason for this is WE DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE THESE RESOURCES! Never throughout our educational and social experience has even an hour been spent on planning your life, strategizing for it, building a blueprint for what you want to be, never in school or college or university or even at home. We surprisingly tend to believe that it will all happen on its own.

Simple techniques of setting goals for life, learning to motivate yourself, overcoming self defeating habits, time management, understanding happiness, generating confidence within and wealth outside, using gratitude to move forward and most importantly listening to your own subconscious and exercising the power of choice have never been taught to us.

Unlock your limitless power

About the Program

Inherently you know, you know you can do a lot more, achieve a lot more, be happier and be successful. All you need is a nudge in the right direction and a blue print.

The UNLOCK YOUR LIMITLESS POWER program is designed to give you just these skills and create the building blocks for using the resources you have in a proven, tested, structured and effective manner.

It is based on 20+ years of research done by the trainers, therapists and students of organisations such as The Hypnotherapy School of India, WellthLink, Aikya and by carefully recognizing human behavioral patterns and barriers through thousands of therapy and coaching sessions conducted.

How the program impacts you


What kind of a person would you be if you were brimming with confidence, full of self belief and had high self esteem? Imagine the things you could accomplish. Our world is a reflection of who we are, the sooner we accept this, the faster we move towards success and happiness.

build a harmonious Personal Life

Learn to effectively manage all aspects of your personal life through internal transformation, emotional mastery and effective communication. You will start being more joyful, grateful and respond rather than react the vast majority of the time — this is key.

Excel in your Professional Life

Our professional lives are riddled with rejection and other forms of disappointments, you will have the ability to develop a sense of clarity, a clear routine for joyfully excelling in your professional life. Valuing yourself and identifying your path.

What you will learn

Development of the human mind

What is the conscious and subconscious mind. 
How does it affect us?


How we function today. Where is the mind? Are we using it effectively?


How do we communicate to ourselves and others? How do we accept information?


What is really holding you back? What are the roadblocks and limiting beliefs you have?


How to communicate with your subconscious? What to say and discovering the most effective way to do it


How to create, install and replicate the right state for success and happiness

Why the program is successful

Unlock your limitless power empowers you to UNDERSTAND and KNOW that you can be successful in anything you do, it introduces to techniques which enable your growth and ensure your limitless power is brought to the fore. It has been designed to clearly help you develop yourself and get started at bridging the gap between who you are and who you want to be.

RACHIT’s story

About the trainer

Rachit is a clinical hypnotherapist, coach, trainer and the Founder of WellthLink and WellthContent, internet startups in the wellness and digital content space.

He has spearheaded the affirmation and webinar initiatives to bring about a continuous improvement and change in the lives of individuals. His passion in life is gaining a deeper understanding of the principles that drive success, the way the mind influences the physical world and human behavior.

Prior to starting his own organizations, Rachit has spent over 10+ years working in the corporate world with organizations such as Radisson, American Express and Ernst & Young.

What attendees are saying about the program

Ready to bridge the gap?

Ready to be who you can be and use your genius subconscious to achieve everything you want?