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Health Transformation Webinar – Powerful Hypnosis navigation for communicating with your physical body and understanding the action you need to take to empower your body.

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We have been working with clearing out the Bioenergetic field with affirmations for this month and it is only fitting that the Webinar be focussed on truly cleansing and balancing your energy bodies in the best way possible.

WEBINAR – SUNDAY 10th February 2019 – 0700 am to 0900 am
Rs.999/ + GST (18%)

Bioenergetic Field Cleansing and Energy Balancing for your Mental, Emotional and Etheric Bodies

Your energy body and the bioenergetic field directly influences the energy that you manifest at the physical level, the emotions you experience and the thoughts that ultimately make you who you are, if there are disturbance or imbalances within this energy system then the normal functioning and optimum approach to our physical life is always restrained.

By letting go of the unwanted, unneeded and unserving aspects of the bioenergetic field you can feel lighter, calmer and more in charge of the plans you have for yourself as an individual.

Schedule this time – 2 hours only for yourself and Focus on clearing all that doesn’t serve you in Your bioenergetic field

We will be working with the affirmation given below to improve and balance your energy fields.

I release all incompatible energies into the universe,

I think positively and optimistically about my future and

I am at peace with myself

I encourage all of you to look at this opportunity of clearing your energy space and moving forward without undue influences.


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