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AFFIRMATIONS are proven methods of Self Empowerment – they have the ability to Rewire our Brain and like Exercise they raise our FEEL GOOD Hormones and Motivate us to create New Ways of Thinking. Affirmations can help awaken and unleash the best in you, Help you change your thoughts, Help you reinforce and grow the resources you need. At HSI Every Saturday specific theme based Affirmations are shared addressing key attributes, The key attributes for the coming five weeks are predecided and kept as the theme for a week or 3 based on their importance and relevance, Twice a day reminders to do the affirmation are posted (WhatsApp and Facebook Groups). Members use these affirmations and share experiences during the week to support – guide and learn from each other. 

Here is to becoming THE BEST YOU!

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Affirmation of the Week

Goals, Priorities and Success

Starting off with this Affirmation of September we are focusing on Goals – Priorities, and Effort. Having Goals is important and being able to Organise and Prioritise – as well

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Affirmations Archive

Use any of these affirmations whenever you feel that you need to build up a specific resource in your life, want to deal with a specific situation or are just looking to develop your self to take your life to another level.

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